The Sub-conscious Mind is an interesting place. It is the Seat of The Creator. Because it is so, the Sub-Conscious Mind is INCAPABLE of Processing THE NEGATIVE. So when we say aloud “DON’T forget your keys, DON’T forget your keys” What is the first thing we forget? OUR KEYS… The DON’T is a negative term and so the Sub-Conscious Mind tosses it out like an old newspaper and what remains in our statement is…. “FORGET YOUR KEYS, FORGET YOUR KEYS”. Interesting yes? So you can see how important our words can become, especially when seeking a new relationship. If you live in the past and declare “NEVER again”, what do you suppose the Sub-Conscious Mind receives? YES! You are correct~ it hears~AGAIN! So we make the same choices we made before and sit back and wonder how in the world that happened. If you want to change your life and point it in a better direction, CHANGE THE INTERNAL LANGUAGE of the Mind. Instead of what you DON’T WANT…declare what you WANT. So in lieu of I DON”T WANT ANOTHER ALCOHOLIC~ it becomes, I want a partner who can drink in moderation. See how that works? Good. Now go about your wonderful day in a POSITIVE manner, eliminate any NEGATIVE words from your “Mental Dictionary” and watch the Magic! Love you all! ~Miss Bonnie


  1. Angels At Their Making says:

    Oh how the angels link the souls dear Miss Bonnie. I spoke to you 12 years ago on April during a radio station hosting you in Fresno. I called on your Angels who I have met before and they spoke to you (and I assume so many other more souls) to allow your wisdom shine at its best. I will always remember your Angels.

  2. Miss Bonnie says:

    Thank you for your kind words. They are appreciated. Take Care!

  3. Saphronia Dunton says:

    I can’t wait to be able to afford a reading from you. i listen to you on the radio but do not have time to call before work. i lost my mother 2 years ago and I think of her when I hear you. you are amazing!

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